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    Hi I have downloaded this theme and installed wordpress 3.2.1

    When i activate themes, i get the following error.

    Fatal error: Class ‘avia_partner_widget’ not found in /home/natademo/public_html/wp-content/themes/shoutbox/framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php on line 676

    How can I fix it ?



    open up shoutboxfunctions.php replace:

    register_widget( 'avia_partner_widget' );
    register_widget( 'avia_one_partner_widget' );


    if(class_exists('avia_partner_widget')) {
    register_widget( 'avia_partner_widget' );
    register_widget( 'avia_one_partner_widget' );

    This seems to be a problem with some server setups – I’ll report it to Kriesi.



    I have the same problem as described above. The solution you suggest didn’t help. Any other ideas?


    Maybe this helps: If i delete lines from 666 to 771 in /framework/php/class-framework-widgets.php, the error is gone. I realize that this is not a solution, but it might help you to solve the issue.



    we already know what causes the problem :) – it’s related to the old php version 5.1. Because WordPress requires 5.2+ ( ). We decided to stick with the current code cause it helps us to detect old php versions.


    I had php 5.2.17. WordPress requires at least 5.2.4. I changed php version to 5.3.6 but the error is still there.


    Interesting. I’ll report it to Kriesi. We could reproduce the error with “old” php versions only…


    I also tried with a new instalation of wordpress after changing the php version but that didn’t help either.

    I’m working on I can give you access to my hosting control panel if that helps.


    @romancretnik – can you create me an wp admin account and send me the login data and your ftp data to: (Email address hidden if logged out) – we need to investigate the avia_partner widget bug and only a few server configurations output this specific error. I’ll forward the data to Kriesi so he can look into it and debug the code :)


    I just sent you all data.


    Thanks. I fowarded the ip request to Kriesi :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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