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    I have been away and need some clarification.

    1. There is an Woo Commerce 2.0 update available now.

    2. There is an update to Propulsion as well???

    Must the Propulsion update be installed Before doing the Woo Commerce update?

    Is this an auto update, or does one have to do it via FTP?

    I have just about finished a new site and have been away. I don’t want anything to mess it up now.

    I am nervous.



    Hi elames,

    There is a big update to WooCommece with version 2.0+. It is non reversible once you update your database which the plugin asks you to do after you have installed the updated.

    You can install the update to the plugin and then install the update to Propulsion. The theme will need to be re-downloaded from themeforest for you to get the newest version and you can install it just like you first installed it unless your server doesn’t let you overwrite files.

    You can also choose to wait another week or so as there *are* still some bugs to be ironed out and many plugins have still not been updated to work properly with 2.0 as well. Unless there is some feature you want in 2.0, I would just wait.




    Thanks. I learned my lesson early on about being the first to do an update …..GRRRR…. I will just wait. :-)


    That is the best plan for right now, and it will give both Kriesi and WooThemes a bit more time to get things ready for your site :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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