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    I appear to be getting an issue purely with Chrome and iOS devices.


    All bold text or colour text has a flash/movement when the slideshow has a transition? On iOS this is much worse as the whole page blinks

    Any ideas?


    Hi richardsb,

    I’m going to tag this for the support to test on their iOS devices.





    You have a file missing : angular/fonts/fonts.css

    Have you edited the template? Because something is breaking your slider, removing needed classes, etc…

    You have ‘carouFredSel’ plugin injecting lots of jquery and throwing js errors next to the slider. Would you please remove that, clear the cache, and see if everything starts working?




    Hi, Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have removed the JS you mentioned but this hasn’t made any difference unfortunately. The fonts file I created but do not use the font-face functionality so this shouldn’t cause conflict but I have moved it into the correct file location as it was within the css file not the fonts file which is what the code stipulates.

    Any other ideas?


    Hey richardsb,

    I’m not seeing the issue when I view your site now. It looks like, for me at least with Chrome, the issue is resolved now that the changes have been made.

    If you are still seeing it, try refreshing the page a few times to clear you local cache.




    Really, I have cleared browser cache as well as server cache and still see the pink text pulsating on slideshow transition, more importantly on iPhone the whole page flashes



    I see enough of what you describe in Windows Safari browser, for me the text on the whole page smoothly transforms to opacity .5 lime green and then transforms back to its original colors (strangely text of every color is doing it. However if you look here http://www.kriesi.at/themes/angular/slideshow-frontpage-example/ , the slider demo, I don’t see any problems.

    So the only thing that can be causing this is something added to the original theme. The best way to go about this, is to deactivate every single plugin, (if you dont want to do this on the live site, you can setup a development dev.your-domain.com, which is always a good idea).

    As you go through the plugins (jetpack and some kind of a link tracker, nextgen, some youtube video player *this one feels to me as a prime candidate* , then you got some sinister jquery variable hanging all alone which made me check your site for malware, you have none. however you are running an old version of Plesk control panel that must be updated ( http://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/www.liebekuchen.co.uk/ ) .. but that’s a warning.

    So please , we need to go one by one with the plugins till we find the culprit then see if we can substitute it and get you back on track.

    What device are you using ? and what version of ios?



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