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    I want to replicate the 3 slides in the slider in the demo , but I cant work out how to do it. Any suggestions would be apreciated



    Edit your homepage, look for Slideshow Options. Find “Which Slideshow do you want to use?” then choose “Fade Slider”. Make it a full size slider by selecting “Full Width Slider” on “Slideshow Layout on Single Pages” option. Insert 3 images, suggested image size is 990x400px.




    Hello, where can I learn more about customizing the homepage slider? I was having a really hard time getting the images to look “right” (right size & quality) until I came across this post and replicated the demo slider based on you instructions.

    Is there another resource or manual available for learning how to use the slider? For example, I’d like to have the slider be smaller, if possible.

    Thank you,



    Hi Syl,

    You can use the documentation packaged inside the zip file you have downloaded in themeforest. Or you can check this link: and find the video tutorial with this title:

    Abundance Theme Demo 3:

    Setting up a page, changing the layout and adding a slideshow with images and video

    The theme might be different from the one you are using but I think they are using the same slider. Hope this helps. :)





    I am finding it very hard to edit the slider and put my own pictures even after following the same steps you mentioned above. What is the problem and how can this be fixed?

    Thank you in anticipation.



    Hi Myrror2,

    I’m not sure what you mean. There isn’t any easier way to edit the slideshow other than following the steps in the video and doing the same on your own site.

    You can read through the documentation file that came with the theme or try watching the video and following along exactly at the same time.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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