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    I need to shrink the size of the portfolio images, both the thumbnail and the images that appears when the portfolio item is selected.

    Secondly, is there a way to switch the hover greyscale on the portfolio? I would like it color default, and greyscale when you hover?

    Thank you in advance ( is the url)


    I would also like to shrink the size of portfolio images on the single portfolio page. For me a portfolio is more textual based than graphical. How can I keep the image size the same as on the partner list. My use case is to show the partner logo list and when clicked go to a portfolio page showing more details about that partner. Or is there a better approach to achieve this.




    You can edit functions.php which hold the image sizes. Edit those then regenerate the thumbnails.




    Can you tell me why all of my photos I enter in the portfolio or in the slider turn greyscale?


    Hi jmlavi13,

    If you are adding a portfolio to a page with the Portfolio tab (in the theme options) there is an option for grayscale to be on or off. The option is not currently available in the dynamic template Portfolio element however.

    Also to note, the option was added in Choices version 1.2 so you may need to update in order to see it.




    hi there,

    is there a better way to add some quick css to allign the single portfolio image on top of page, instead of leftside – just like it happens with single blog posts…

    that would help us a lot ! please…

    thx, tasos


    Hi Tasos,

    Unfortunately no, you would need to edit the theme files in order to change the layout of the portfolio pages. If you are interested in pursing it, the files are includes>loop-portfolio-single.php and functions-choices.php.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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