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    I am trying to change the layout of the choices latest news widget so that the thumbnail displays above the title & excerpt. 3 questions:

    1. Can I change the layout so the thumbnail is above the title/excerpt (not to the left) ?

    I came across this thread: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    Which helped me figure out how to edit the styles/size of thumbnail / title & excerpt – however if made to big the title/excerpt gets pushed left and cutoff/hidden. Is there a way to drop the title excerpt area below the thumnail? and perhaps use a width:100% height: auto styling for the thumbnail? (the size dimensions uploaded for image on choices demo are fairly wide – might work well sitting above title/excerpt uncropped?)

    2. Can I edit the excerpt size? Currently it is rather long & I would like to reduce it.

    3. (which sort of relates to above) Can I get the more link for the excerpt to be the same as the standard “more-link” on the blog page (I cant seem to find its style?)

    Any help on the above would be most appreciated! :)



    Everything that you wrote can be done, providing you know the inner workings of WordPress, php, css, html.

    1) Yes, please search google for how to move div using css positioning.

    2) Choices theme has a native function — function avia_backend_truncate($string, $limit, $break=”.”, $pad=”…”) to do what you require.

    3) Install firebug browser attachment + webdeveloper tools browser plugin for firefox or chrome and watch a 20 minute video and you will be able to easily complete step 3.

    Sorry, but your questions are outside the scope of the support team, however I am always happy to point in the right direction.




    ^^ Thankyou for your response! I totally understand if this question was out of the scope of your service! I will look into your suggestions (thankfully I already use webdeveloper etc.) I have had a chance to talk to some coders and I think I may be able to achieve this on my own now! (fingers crossed) – I think clear:both is the way to achieve it – will try my best and report back with the answer if it is simple enough hahah.

    Thanks!!! :)


    Success! Unbelievabley, I have managed to get the layout how I desire – I have one more hurdle and then I should be good to go – perhaps you can point me in the right direction for this specific change:

    Currently, the latest news widget uses the post thumbnail generated as the image for widget – which is 241x179px in size – which, once made 100% width (i have the widget set in 1 column of 2 = this is 446 px wide i think) obviously is blown up and blurry.

    I can see where the thumb gets generated – but it looks like it is tied to the portfolio 4 column images sizes – so i cant just change those values in functions php and regenerate thumbnails (as i believe that will affect portfolio – yes?).

    So I am assuming I need to figure out how to change which image the widget uses for its thumbnail (set somewhere in class-framework-widgets.php?)

    Any pointers on where to look / what to change would be most appreciated!


    Holy Cow I did it – from line 315 – 398 in class-framework-widgets.php – change all ‘widget_image_size’ to ‘*****_image_size’ — replacing ***** with the name of the image size stated in functions.php – in this case, for me, it was ‘logo’ – ‘logo_image_size’. (446x218px).

    Hope this helps anyone who needs it!


    Hi JamesGdesign,

    Glad that you managed to fixed it with Nick’s direction. :)



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