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    I wanted to use the google maps widget but the pop-up box on the location pin is completely messed up. Same thing on the demo at Click on the pin and you’ll see the box is messed up including the shadow and box border. Guessing this is css issue? Maybe google changed something on their end? It makes the widget pretty unusable.

    Wish this forum allowed image attachments. In case my description is unclear, I’ve attached a screenshot from the choices demo running in safari here.


    Hi dlibert,

    I’ll tag Peter and Kriesi on this. I’m not sure if the google maps api changed and the widget needs to be updated or if its an issue with the themes implementation of it.





    Add following css code to css/custom.css or the quick css field to fix the shadow image issue:

    .avia_google_maps_container img, .avia_google_maps_container  a img{
    max-width: none;

    Best regards,



    Great. Thanks.

    One more issue with the google maps widget. If you add content to the Info Bubble Content textarea of the widget it doesn’t resize the box properly and distorts the direction button.

    Seems like the problem is hard coded in the height here<div style=”cursor: default; position: absolute; left: 18px; top: 18px; z-index: 2; overflow: auto; width: 213px; height: 67px; “>. There’s no way in css to target the parent div and adjust the css. Seems like the only way is using js and I don’t have the skills for that.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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