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    Actually i can add a column element in template builder in choices, but i’m trying to modify register-admin-dynamic-options.php to add a new kind of Columns style. 5 columns with 20% 20% 20% 20% 20%.

    When i add the option to the javascript i can see the option to select the fifth column but i can’t see the fifth element of my new kind of column.

    Where each colums is being generated I tried to add 1 loop to the for into de Register-admin-dynamic-options.php around lline 556 but this loop doens’t create the fifth element.

    Can u guide me to add this feature to your awesome template?

    Thank you.


    Hi pocharlies,

    I’ve tagged the topic for the head of support as I’ve not dug into the template builder code that deeply but Peter should be able to assist one way or another.




    Did you modify wp-contentthemeschoicesincludeshelper-template-dynamic.php too? You probably need to add the “one_fifth” column structure to the layout array. Open up wp-contentthemeschoicesincludeshelper-template-dynamic.php and search for:

    $config_array  = array(
    '1-2' => array( 'grid'=>'one_half' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'portfolio'),
    '1-3' => array( 'grid'=>'one_third' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'portfolio'),
    '1-4' => array( 'grid'=>'one_fourth' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'portfolio'),
    '2-3' => array( 'grid'=>'two_third' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'dynamic_2'),
    '2-4' => array( 'grid'=>'one_half two_fourth' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'dynamic_1'),
    '3-4' => array( 'grid'=>'three_fourth' , 'caption'=>true, 'image_size'=>'dynamic_3'),

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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