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    I’m a newbie. I’ve purchased Choices. I’m trying to set up a personal blog with photo albums for my family and friends to read and follow. I’ve searched the forum trying to find a solution..but I haven’t found it.

    I’m having problems with my slider image cropping my images. I’ve downloaded Simple Image Size to change the featured image size (I’ve also tried changing the functions.php file based on instructions on earlier support threads.) The slider now doesn’t crop my landscape pictures, but continue to crop my vertical picture. I understand that I purchased a responsive theme. And this seems to be at the heart of my problem. Here’s what I want.

    On Blogroll page, I want to be able to post blog entries with pictures. I like having the slideshow and would like to keep this feature. However, I want the slider to show my vertical pictures in its entirety, but not larger than the height of my horizontal pictures. I’m ok if there is blank space to the left/right of my vertical pictures (would be nice if the vertical pics are centered). Seems to me the only options I have is to have the full vertical picture (huge image, requires scrolling down the page) or cropped image (that doesn’t make sense). Is there an option to do what I want? If we have to get rid of the responsive feature, that’s ok as the smallest device my friends and family will be viewing my website would be an iPad.

    If not, then my second choice would be to have a preview image (no slideshow) on blogroll page. Once user clicks on blog posting or image, then they are taken to single entry blog posting page. On this page, is there an option to have the slideshow option I want? If not, then my third choice would be to have the pictures embedded within the post (with me controlling the image size via Simple Image Size). However, when I do this, it seems that my blogroll page shows the embedded pictures. Is it possible to only have preview image on blogroll page for the post and then embedded images on blog post page?

    I hope what I want makes sense. My website is http://www.cemandtam.com. **removed by Devin**

    Thank you for your help.


    Hi tampham,

    Do you have an example image that is getting incorrectly cropped? I don’t know which images should or should not be specific sizes so its a bit hard to pinpoint as is.

    Unfortunately the way the slideshow is structured the vertical images can’t shrink and have space on the sides to fit in the space of the horizontal images. Its independent of responsive settings but instead is just in how the slideshow is coded in all of Kriesi’s themes.

    There is a setting to only have a single image as a preview image on overview pages but it would still show up as a normal slideshow on the blog page or just a single static image at the top.

    What you could do however is have the one single image use on the blog overview page and then remove it from view on the single blog page and then put all your images into the blog post.

    You’ll need to the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options):

    #top.single-post #wrap_all .slideshow_container {
    display: none;

    This removes the single image from view on a single blog page but keeps the blog using an image for all the other purposes (preview etc).




    Thank you Devin for clearing up what I can and cannot do with the Choices theme and for the css code to not show the slideshow image on single blog posting page.

    Unfortunately, even though I insert my pictures into the blogpost entry box via the upload/insert icon on the top left corner above the blogpost entry box AND change my option to “display only single image on overview pages and all slideshow images on single entries”, my inserted pictures are still showing up on the blog overview page.

    Is there a way to only have the single image on blog overview page and only inserted images on single blog posting page? The blog posting that I’m using as a test case is http://www.cemandtam.com/2012/11/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -2/. It’s the second entry on my blogroll page.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Yes, you can replace following code in choices/includes/loop-index.php:

    $current_post['content'] 	= get_the_content(__('Read more','avia_framework').'<span class="more-link-arrow">  &rarr;</span>');


    $current_post['content'] = get_the_content(__('Read more','avia_framework').'<span class="more-link-arrow"> &rarr;</span>');
    $current_post['content'] = get_the_excerpt();
    $current_post['content'] .= '<a class="more-link" href="'. get_permalink().'">'.__('Read more <span class="more-link-arrow"> &rarr;</span>','avia_framework').'</a>';

    – afterwards you can use the excerpt field to enter a custom excerpt text without images.


    Thanks Dude! updating status to resolved. Thank you guys for your support! Really really appreciate it!

    p.s. I really like the search function of this support forum. I have found answers to many of my questions. As a newbie, this is highly valuable. :)


    Glad we could help :)




    Hi Devin & Dude I have the same problem. I used the css diplay none and it works but I want to show breadcrumbs. Here is the link of my page -> http://interioresyestilo.com/decoracion-con-colores-frios/

    Do you have any suggestion ?



    I’m not sure what’s the issue here. The breadcrumb does not depend on the slideshow and you can hide the slideshow container without removing the breadcrumb.



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