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    I have a few questions…

    1. In the portfolio is there a way of just showing the heading and not the text underneath it?

    2. How do I set the Archive page to timeline?

    3. Is there a way that you know of to create a front page to the site. So the user types in the URL and a splash page pops up for 3 seconds then dissolves away and you’re left with the sites normal home page. I have searched everywhere and can’t figure out how to do this. Like this site…

    4. Is there a way of making the widget container thinner. At the moment it takes up too much space AND if I make it thinner will the blog posts and pages adjust to be wider?

    5. Is it possible that when a blog post is set to gallery that the pictures becomes a large feature image that bumps down the sidebar and other posts but this only happens if it’s the most recent picture?

    Sorry about so many questions and thanks for your help,



    Hi Amelia,

    1) In which portfolio view do you mean? The main overview uses the Excerpt for its text content so you would just not put anything in that.

    2) The timeline is a template type that you can select for a page from the Page Attributes meta box when viewing a page. As far as I know it can’t be assigned to the general archive view for all categories/posts.

    3) A quick google search turned up this: . Its a very simple script but if you aren’t comfortable setting up and creating your own html/css and adding the js it should only take a freelance developer an hour (or less).

    4) Not easily no.

    5) Not without re-doing the entire blog template and loop for it. It would take quite a bit of time to customize by a freelance developer if you are interested in that route.




    Thank you!



    Glad Devin could help.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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