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    Hi, I have the Propulsion Theme and I when adjust the image sizes under Products>Feature Media section it doesn’t work on the front end? I would like to make the main product image much bigger on the product page then the default 450×355. When I change the width and height in the WooCommerce>Settings>Single Product Image it doesn’t change the image size on the front end? After make the change in the backend I have tried using both the ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ plugin and uploading a new product and new image and it still doesn’t work.

    How can I make the main image on the Product page much bigger (say 800×1000) or even custom to the product size that I am adding?



    Also, if I try to fit the image by resizing the image down to the sizes that this theme/woocommerce seems to allow me – some of the sizes get close to what the picture should look like but not exact and so therefore it decides to crop or stretch the image regardless of the changes I make to the backend.

    For example I have had to resize this image to 450×300 to fit ( but then people can’t see what it would look like bigger. Then I would think I would also do the same for other images, so I tried resizing a longer image to 450×563 – so that it fit width wise and just expand length wise, but it crops the length off, as shown here: However if I size the longer image a bit smaller, it sometimes expands the length for me, as show here: But this is now a stretched out image – so very grainy?


    I discover something else. That when the image I upload is a large enough file over 2500 pixels in width, the system crunches the image and it displays it properly like this one: – it expands it and it doesn’t crop it.

    However if I go down to say 1000 pixels wide it will crop it like this one:

    Very strange?



    Have you tried changing the thumbnail size on Settings > Media?

    Let us know if it works.




    I tried changing thumbnails and other sizes there and it still doesn’t work? Any other ideas? Thanks for the help.


    I’m getting somewhere now. I adjusted “Slideshow Size on single entries?” to Full Width, now I am getting bigger images with consistency of width to 940 across and some adjust length wise, while others don’t. For example this one gets cropped:, while this one doesn’t:


    I have come to the conclusion that if I upload massive files (3000 pixels wide) the system crunches the files but it displays the image 940 wide and as long as it needs to be. However if I upload a 940 pixels wide file it will crop it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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