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    I need to override this settings from functions.php in my child theme functions.php

    $avia_config['layout']['fullsize'] 		= array('content' => 'twelve alpha', 'sidebar' => 'hidden', 	 'meta' => 'two alpha', 'entry' => 'eleven');
    $avia_config['layout']['sidebar_left'] 	= array('content' => 'nine', 		 'sidebar' => 'three alpha' ,'meta' => 'two alpha', 'entry' => 'nine');
    $avia_config['layout']['sidebar_right'] = array('content' => 'nine alpha',   'sidebar' => 'three alpha', 'meta' => 'two alpha', 'entry' => 'nine alpha');

    The parent theme needs to wrap this settings somehow and to check if(function_exists(‘some_function’)) and if it doesn’t exist then it will declare it.
    That way I can declare it first in my child theme functions.php and have it do what I want, and not need to care about parent theme updates.

    Any other solution?



    Hey VBM!

    You need to wrap it into a function so that the child theme fills out the image thumb size array completely.

    See: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -child-theme/?replies=4#post-125496



    Thanks, I was asking about layout, but it’s the same code. That’s it :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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