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    entering an address for the USA at Checkout for billing when you first start it says Maryland which is my default location. When I select a different sate, say Minnesota (see images) It still says Maryland when the selection drop down closes. Open it again and Minnesota is ticked, which implies it is in fact selecting the right state. This will be totally confusing to a customer. It was for me! I notice in the demo, the state selector looks different to the others, just a plain browser generated one. (well at least in chrome on a mac) and it works properly. Is this a bug you have been aware of for a while?

    The exact same thing happens with the Shipping address if “Ship to same address?” is unchecked. see the 3 screenshots



    can you post a link to your checkout page please – I tried to reproduce the error but I couldn’t on my test server.


    I believe this is the same problem I brought up here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -state

    I sought some outside help on and got this:

    “The problem seems to be that the shipping state select is being messed up by the woocommerce-mods.js file. But it works perfectly well for the first 3 select fields in that form. There’s a call to a function called avia_select_unify on line 6 of that file – you could try commenting that line out and checking that the select box is ok (it won’t look right – that code is changing the look). If it is OK, at least you know where to focus your attention. I’ve stepped through the code a few times and I can’t see anything, but my hunch is that it’s there or there abouts…..”

    I commented out line 6 in the woo commerce-mods.js file and it solved the state selection problem. The dropdown just looks a little different now. I would love to find out more about this and not have to modify the theme code.



    It seems to be related to what happens when you first enter the screen. If you have it autofill some fields this happens. You can also try these exact steps in Billing Address.

    1. Change to another country, State has 2 bits of text on top of each other.

    2. Change back to the United States

    3. try changing the State

    4. It will now stay showing the Sate that was there previously, no matter what you select.

    5. Uncheck ship to same address

    6. Select USA

    7. It shows the original State and will not change.

    Did you notice your own demo uses regular browser dropdowns for State. Is that the fix mentioned by Wildfire


    Ok – I’ll report the problem – I think this needs to be fixed for all users with a theme update (and this maybe affects other themes like Propulsion too).



    my client has been getting some complaints about this one. Has there been an update or should I go ahead and apply the fix with non styled select that wildrays mentions?

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