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    Hi. I am having a problem purchasing a product. When I am on the check out page, the section under “Your Order” first shows the product info with the paypal selection option. It then quickly gets redirected to our home page. Why does this happen? When i am logged in as an admin and try purchasing, it seems to work out fine. Is there something i can change in the woocommerce setting?

    Our site is



    I can’t view your website – I always get a “Error establishing a database connection” error message.

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    hmm.. I got that message ones before but it seems fine for me now. Will you please look at it again? Thank you.


    ok I figured it out. I had downloaded the Under Construction plugin which had set some restrictions that caused the problem. btw… what do you think is causing the “Error establishing a database connection” ? i am also experiencing the load time to be really slow sometimes. Thank you



    I think it is an issue with your host provider. Try to check on them and see if they can help. You are with GoDaddy? They have this issue on Web Hosting services but they said they are fixing it right now.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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