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    Is it possible to reduce the character limit on the “Full sized entries without preview picture” boxes? I am going to use a couple of of these as quick news posts and only want either one line of text below the title or no text just the title.

    I can’t find the code where to change the character limit. Could somebody direct me to the location please.





    In includes/loop-index.php search for following line:

    $excerpt_big = 150;

    and increase the value of 150 (stands for 150 characters).

    Best regards,



    Thank you :)



    I just testest it out, when I put it to 0 it still shows the first word of the article… I’d like to make it so I can stop any words showing and only show the title?

    It appears to not do it by characters… For example it’s set to 25 limit and the line it shows is more than 25 character beause the last 3 words have no spaces it appears to show the whole thing instead of individual characters…

    “In the just-released behind-the-scenes” <<< What it shows.

    “In the just-released behind- <<< 25 characters.

    And as I said when I set it to 0 it still shows the first word of the article. Anyway to sort this?



    Yes – in loop-index.php replace following line:

    echo avia_excerpt($excerpt);


    if(!empty($excerpt)) echo avia_excerpt($excerpt);

    and set the $excerpt_big value to 0.

    Best regards,



    Thanks worked perfect! :)


    Glad Peter could help :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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