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    First thank you for the help. It is so much apreciated!

    Coalition theme used as pages.

    I changed the width of the sidebar and content area as per some help yesterday but the only issue I am still ahving is that the blog posts did not adjust to the new dimensions.

    The width of the blog post is still the old width of 610 pixels I would like it to be the new content area size of 690 pixels wide.

    Thanks you again.



    Also can someone explain why when at when you click on the blog and the page loads that the “Home” link in the sidebar is highlighted after the load and not the “blog” link in the siderbar?



    Strange with the menu. Have you nominated the homepage and blog page only in Coalition > Theme Options ? Another place to do that is Settings > Writing , please make sure that nothing is set there. That is an anomaly. Could you check the settings I mentioned, then deactivate the plugins / flush browser cache, then please try a new template for the page.

    Please add this to /css/custom.css or to quick css to change size of the column

    #top .template-blog .entry-content {
    width: 670px; /* was 350px before */




    Thanks so much Nick, the css works great.

    I did what you suggested to resolve the button issue. Turns out that under General – Reading – there was a conflict of home page allocation it was different there than I had done in the coalition theme settings. Fixed now. Thanks Again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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