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    How can i change the following texts?

    – Header submenu (my account | Log Out)

    – Breadcrumbs (You are here:)

    – Filters on product page (Sort by default order & Display 24 products on page)

    – Contactpagina formtitel (Send us mail)

    thanks in advance!



    Oh and ‘Cart’ in menu



    1) Please download the free Notepad++ for whichever home computer you are using (pc,mac,linux) (Please use the big green button if you have windows, otherwise look below for mac or linux). Install Notepad++ with default settings.

    MAC USERS – Please read this to learn how to get Notepad++ working on your system

    2) Unzip the theme file that you’ve downloaded from and inside you will find a second zip file (This was the theme zip file that you’ve uploaded to your host before in WordPress Admin.) . Unzip this second file on your desktop (or wherever you keep things on your home pc).

    3) Open Notepad++ and hit Ctrl F (the controll button and the letter F) which should open up the Find box. Take a look at the image below and use it to define the folder where you unzipped the theme in step 2 above , and enter the keywords you are looking for and you will instantly be shown the line number and the name/location of the file(s) that contain those keywords

    The letter D below is where you would put the keyword you are looking for and remember that capitalization counts.

    This is what I use to find things, its quite handy.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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