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    I am trying to increase the size of my 250×250 ad space to 300×250 in the sidebar widget area. I would like to bump it out but the widget area is set for 250×250. Is there a way to change this? I looked in the Editor, in the sidebar section… But I think I am looking in the wrong place… Thanks for you help!



    this would require a complete layout change (increase the width of the sidebar to 300px, decrease the content area width, etc.). This is not easily possible because many images, text areas, columns etc. are optimized for the current layout and you’d need to change all elements.


    I have an ad widget that is 300 x 348 (The height can be changed to whatever you want). The sidebar is already 300 px wide, it’s just that because of the padding and margins the useable space is reduced. Turn those off and you can make the big ad widget 300 px wide.

    You have to fiddle about with the css that controls the big ad widget. Use firefox with firebug and you can find the bits you need to tweak.

    You can see it here:


    Yes – you’re right. The sidebar is 298px + 2px border. Without margins, etc. the banner should fit into the sidebar :)

    I mistakenly thought it’s just 248px.


    Thanks for your quick reply! Yes, using Firebug did the trick. I was able to identify the proper area to edit and was able to fit new new ad space in. Thanks so much! You both are a big help.



    Make sure you only change the css for the ad widget or you might mess up the styling of the other elements of the sidebar.


    – deleted. wrong product.


    Hi, a quick question. I am trying to insert adsense (or some other ad script) into my big ad area, but Im only allowed to insert img url and link url…can you help me out? (I prefer the big add unit because there is no padding) (I am able to insert an ad with 250px width with the simple html widget but its not want I want)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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