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    On the inner pages, the same background used on the front page (full length) is used in the inner pages’ header behind the logo and navigation. But the part of the image being displayed is the lower part. I want the upper part of the image displayed here instead. How can I change this?

    The thing is, I changed the background image into a gradient such that the top is lighter and the lower part is dark. My logo and navigation display well against the light background at the top but don’t display well against the lower part of the BG, which is dark.

    Please show me the controls and how I can adjust it to fit or use another background image entirely.




    delete following code line in css/style1.css:

    #subpage .wrapper{
    background: #fff url(../images/skin1/bg.png) repeat-x 0 -370px;


    Thanks but this didn’t quite solve the problem. It made the the background appear the same way as on the homepage, right behind my page content.

    But knowing what part of the CSS controls it was enough for me to find a way around it. I had to make and use a second background image and though, then I removed the positioning and all looks good now :-)


    Glad that Dude could point you in the right direction :)


    I’m sorry not sure if this is the correct place to add this.. I seem to have lost my background photo which I had set to stretch fullwidth..and I’m using the landing page template..



    Are you using the Display Theme? You can open up a new thread if you do. :)

    For the meantime you can use

    #wrapper {
    background: black url(../images/skin1/bg.png) repeat-x left top;



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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