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    I’m just beginning to use BrightBox and added a new menu. I saved it and also changed the Theme Location to the new menu, yet it doesn’t translate to the menu on the website, which is still the the ‘Main Menu’.

    Also how do I edit a MegaMenu? Thanks in advance! Gary



    please delete the demo main menu – otherwise Brightbox won’t recognize the custom menu. Please refer to the documentation (section B7) – it tells you how to create a mega menu andit also offers some screenshots for visual explanation.


    Thanks. Perhaps changing the documentation to state this would help? I’ll try out the other parts and let you know how I go!


    The information about MegaMenu is vague –

    “Activating the mega menu is quite simple: just check the checkbox that gets shown for top level items. All items that are nested directly bellow them will then be converted to columns instead of links. these columns can then hold any number of links, and also text and images since the description field also accepts html code!”

    I appreciate the desire to get people to help themselves, though no explanation of why to use ‘asdf’ (if relevant) or to mention how to use columns, rows or add new menu items to make it easier and quicker to complete the tasks. Hope you understand I’m not whining – just helping you to create better documentation?

    I’ve had a go, so take a look – http://www.entrepreneurscan.co.uk/background/ The Background button is the MegaMenu one….

    Is there only one mega menu?



    You can create as many Mega Menus as you need to. For each one, activate the menu by checking the box for the top level menu item as shown in this screenshot: http://www.cl.ly/2q1q3c3P2L0F2g0G462v

    To help you get started, you can import the sample data through the theme options. This will populate the menu items in the correct sturcture however you still need to manually check the Mega Menu checkbox to activate the menu as per the demo.



    Hi James

    Thanks for this! I’ll use it elsewhere too now! BTW I’ve been bigging up you guys to a web developer who loves WP so you should be getting some more biz soon, too!


    Great :) – just ask if you need any help.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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