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    I like everything about the skin called Modern except the backround with the multicolored bubbles. You told me in a previous post to modify the stylesheet. But all that did was change the entire backround. The Modern skin seems to have two backrounds so to speak. One smaller black backround that frames the post, which appears to be slightly opaqe. Then there’s a larger backround with the multicolored bubbles that seems to be visable behind the smaller backround.

    I would like to replace the bubbled backround with a picture (or a solid blue color) and would like the second backround to not be opaque because I don’t want the picture backround to show through.

    How do I do that?



    currently newscast doesn’t offer two backgrounds (content + body backgrond) – the bg image contains the bubble layer and the opaque content layer:

    You can replace the body image with i.e. an image with white non-transparent content area in thw middleand transparent stripes on the leftz and right. The use a background plugin like or to set a new bg layer behind the content bg layer.


    Oh, so it’s one image that just looks like it’s two images.

    The other thing that’s happening is it’s changing the color of the header too. I wanted the header to have it’s own backround image. I see other people’s sites with it different.



    in style.css add following code and change the color value:

    background: #333;

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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