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    Could you please let me know where I am able to change the background/box color for the Callout/Quotation box as seen on this page http://www.kriesi.at/themedemo/?theme=corona (By now you should have a good Idea what this template is capable of.

    Want to know more?)

    Any help is much appreciated.





    add following code to css/custom.css and change the color values:

    .outer_callout {
    background: #F8F8F8;
    border: 1px solid #EEEEEE;


    Thanks for the quick response :)


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Hi Dude

    I tried what you suggested but it has not made any difference. Is there any other way to do it?



    the code Dude provided should work. Have you cleared your cache after editing the css? (CTRL + F5 could be enough).


    Maybe I am editing the wrong file.

    Is the Custom.CSS file supposed to be empty bar the Instructions at the top?

    Also I need to paste a survey code for Kiss Insights into the <body> of every one of my pages. When I go into the editor I cannot seem to find the <body> tag for any of the file. Could you please tell me how I am able to do this?



    Yep, the custom.css file is empty and should be edited when you want to add custom code or overwrite previously applied styling.

    In your header.php you’ll see

    <body id="top" <?php body_class(avia_get_option('boxed'). " ".avia_get_browser()); ?>>

    ^it’s at line 97. You can paste your code right below the line.


    Thank you very much. That worked perfectly :)

    Once last one (hopefully):

    I’m having an alignment issue on this page – http://jadensocial.com/what-we-do/

    The Social Media Strategy and Reporting and Analytics headings are out of alignment and no matter what I do I cannot fix it. (The code seems identical but alignment is still out…)

    Here is the code:

    [one_half first]

    [iconbox title=”Social Media Strategy” icon=”internet-web-browser.png”]

    • Identifying Key Social Media Channels
    • Identifying your Niche/Online Target Market
    • Preparing a Content Strategy
    • Developing a Consistent Brand Identity
    • Setting Goals and Objectives

    [button link=”http://jadensocial.com/?page_id=614″ text=”grey”]Find out more[/button]



    [iconbox title=”Reporting/Analytics” icon=”x-office-spreadsheet-template.png”]

    • Engagement Reporting
    • Fan Growth and Trends
    • Geographical Fan Profiling
    • Click-Thru Reporting and Analysis
    • Website/Blog Statistics and Analysis

    [button link=”http://jadensocial.com/?page_id=646″ text=”grey”]Find out more[/button]


    Your help is much appreciated.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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