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    I’m using a 4 col portfolio…

    I succeed to change the portfolio thumbnail size, but not the size of the main portfolio image (on the left of the description and arrows),

    which still remain in 600 x 600 px…

    So, where can I set this please?



    Please install plugin. It will create in your Setttings > Media page all the various sizes used within the theme. The individual portfolio page uses size ‘fullsize’ just change the height and the width for it, and make sure to check whether you want WordPress to crop the image if its bigger than the preset.




    ok thanks…


    Sorry but it’s not working…

    I’ve setted in plugin “full-size” on 500×500,

    I’ve reimported all my images

    and my images still display on 600 x 600…


    Hi, I’ve changed the size also in fonction.php file, reimported images,

    and the problem is still the same…still in 600px

    Are you confirming that I have to modify “fullsize” settings to change size of portfolio big image?



    Try to add following code to css/custom.css:

    #top.single-portfolio .slideshow li img {
    max-width: 100%;
    width: auto;

    Best regards,




    I’ve done it but without success…


    Hi clamant75

    Sorry for the confusion, I think the other support crew misunderstood.

    The image is actually set to fill up the entire available space for the container. So in this case on the single portfolio page that is eight units of a twelve unit grid (610px wide).

    What you’ll need to do is change the grid setup for the image and the image’s content to the right. Open up includes>loop-portfolio-single.php from your theme files. Look for these lines:

    <div class="eight units alpha min_height_1">

    <?php if($slider->slidecount) echo $slider->display(); ?>


    <div class="four units entry-content">

    Change them to this:

    <div class="seven units alpha min_height_1">

    <?php if($slider->slidecount) echo $slider->display(); ?>


    <div class="five units entry-content">

    This puts the grid at seven and five which puts your image container at 530px wide. If you want it smaller still, you can change it to six and six which puts each container at 450px.




    Ok thanks, it’s almost resolved …

    Cause in fact I don’t want to display the portfolio item in a single page…

    What I really like to modify is the size of the big portfolio item when you click on the thumbnail

    (which one that is appearing above the thumbnails, in the inner_slide)

    By the way, one more question, how can I unlink the portfolio title to avoid it opens the portfolio single page?




    Just forget to mention that it concern 4 columns portfolio:



    Please change the code in your custom.css file

    …. I think you are working on the page as well since code keeps changing.

    Please add to your Quick CSS

    #top #wrap_all .flex_column .slideshow_container {
    width: 500px !important;





    it seems that none of these answer are working…

    So, what i have found is to modify the percent value in line 278 in grid.css

    div .two_third {overflow: hidden; z-index:1; margin-left: 4%; width:65.5%; float:left; position:relative; }



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