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    to customize the Corona-Template I have some questions:


    I add an additional DIV above the DIV „container main_menu“ to use them as logo header (see attachment DIV 1) – done in header.php. Now I dont want to use the Logo-place left to the menu. How can I customize the source to start with the menü on the left side (see attachment DIV 2)? It looks there is still a h1 tag for the Logo which blocked the left side: <h 1 class=’logo bg-logo’></h 1>


    I use a dark background for the top-menu. How can I customize the colors of menuitems (a hover active etc.). Also I want to use in the menu a custom font – where I can insert a custom font (like from GoogleFontApi) for the main menu?


    Thank you…


    No solution for this problem?



    I don’t understand your first question.

    For your second question:

    The menu colors can be changed by adjusting several CSS elements. Like this:

    #top .main_menu .menu .current-menu-item a strong{color:#222222; /*Current Page Color*/}
    #top .main_menu .menu .current-menu-item a strong:hover{color:#ff0099; /*Current Page Hover*/}
    #top .main_menu .menu a{color:#ff0099; /*Menu Link*/}
    #top .main_menu .menu a:hover{color:#222222;/*Menu Link Hover*/}

    To add google fonts you can use the instructions given by Google Fonts itself (example). On this page, you’ll see step 3 requires you to add a line to your code. This can be added to header.php below <!-- add css stylesheets -->

    Then, the given CSS in step 4 can be used like this:

    #top .main_menu .menu{font-family: 'Chelsea Market', cursive;}
    #top .main_menu .menu .current-menu-item a strong{color:#222222;}
    #top .main_menu .menu .current-menu-item a strong:hover{color:#ff0099;}
    #top .main_menu .menu a{color:#ff0099;}
    #top .main_menu .menu a:hover{color:#222222;}


    Thanks for your reply and the solutions. For the first point I found another solution.

    Well, now there is a problem with the Main-Slideshow using Basic Fade Slider at the homesite. As you can see in the image below, there is a space on the right of the overlay where the navigation starts. How can I change it, that the overlay is expand to the right side behind slider-navigation?


    Some other questions:

    Is it possible to insert a linebreak in the menu-description? To have 2 lines under the Mainnavigation?


    I like to use the big header of the frontpage, with the Slideshow on every other page like this:


    Where can I change this?

    Thank you


    no ideas?

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