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    I love the theme and features, just need a little help on changing the main menu.

    I have a member’s area on my website and that work great, but I want to change the main menu to a custom menu once the user logs into the site. How do I do that? Or if I can’t do that through the admin panel, what code would I need to switch main menus upon user log in?

    Thanks in advance for your help


    Hi sbdaws,

    Unfortunately that’s a bit beyond the scope of what we can offer with support. You would need to create a new menu to assign in the Menus manager and then add the if/then code for logged in vs non logged in.

    If you are interested in pursing it, there is a code sample here:

    And you can find the code for the sub-menu creation in functions.php at ~line 248.




    Thanks Devin,

    That puts me in the right direction. I was hoping it would be part of the theme, but I can do the coding too.

    Thanks again!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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