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    how do I change the link color for all links on the site that are in the main content area (so everything except header/navigation/footer)?

    I want all links to be the “standard blue” + underlined link color, so that it is easy to recognize for users.




    You can set the colour for links in /css/style1.css (or /css/style2.css or /css/style3.css depending on your chosen style) – in style1.css it looks like this currently:

    a {

    Change the HEX value for the colour you’d like to use (or point me to an example of the blue you’d like to use if you need help finding the HEX).



    Hi James,

    thanks, sweet :-)

    Now, I also added “text-decoration:underline” to the links, and that works good too – but, it also makes the “Read more” text on buttons underlined (for example, on portfolio category pages). How can I have links underlined, except when they are in buttons?



    add following css code to style1/2/3.css:

    .button a

    The Dude


    Hey Dude,

    I added this code to the end of style1.css (the one I use), but the linktext inside buttons is still underlined http://www.urlgone.com/e695c0/



    just noticed: in firefox it works fine (not underlined), but in chrome & internet explorer it’s still underlined


    Try to add following code to style1/2/3,css – you can delete the code I posted above first.

    #top .more-link{
    text-decoration: none;

    The Dude


    Thanks, that worked!

    In the meantime I noticed that in Firefox, headlines (h1,h3, etc) were also underlined (when they were links, as per default for portfolio items, etc). and I tried changing the code like this in style1.css:

    h1, h1 a{ color:#666; text-decoration: none;}

    h2, h2 a, #top .siteheading, #top .siteheading a{ color:#666; text-decoration: none;}

    h3, h3 a, h4, h4 a, h5, h5 a, h6, h6 a, strong{ color:#555; text-decoration: none;}

    h1 a:hover, h2 a:hover, h3 a:hover, h4 a:hover, h5 a:hover, h6 a:hover{



    basically I just added “text-decoration: none;” – this seems to work. Should be ok, right? (Or might it cause problems elsewhere? Just checking because I really don’t know what I’m doing).



    Yes – everything you’ve done was right:)


    yippie! thx for confirming :-)

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