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    Hi guys,

    When trying to set individual colors in the “Styling” color schemes of the Theme, I found that some fonts (i.e.: Menu, Titles, etc) appear to respond to settings that live somewhere else (style.css?). Can those settings be altered using the “Quick CSS”? and if so, would you please provide me the code I need to use? Thanks a lot,




    Certainly, can you specify which colors you’d like to change exactly?

    Best regards,



    Hey Chris,

    What I meant was that the settings for “Primary” color, “Body Background color”, “Highlight Background Color”, etc, affect different “sets” of elements.

    For instance: changing the “Body Background Color” affects the the color of:

    – the “hover” and “down” states of the menu items,

    – the “page title”,

    – the “blog title”,

    – the text within the dropcaps,

    – titles and content of widgets in the sidebar

    – and so on…

    I would like to be able to individually set the COLOR and SIZE for the fonts in:

    – Main Menu (each state)

    – Page Title

    – Big title

    – Dropcaps

    – Titles and content in sidebar

    – Etc…

    Also, I was trying to change the SIZE of the font for the “BODY” or main content of the pages, portfolio items and posts, but couldn’t do it in the layout.css. Is this set somewhere else?

    Well, I think this is it for now. Thanks a lot for your help. Take care,




    What you would need to is define the color and size of each element e.g. Main Menu, Page Title, Big Title, Dropcaps, etc. in a custom.css file. What I suggest is copying the styles from the default CSS files then edit as needed. Placing them in the custom.css will allow you to override the default styles and keep your customizations safe if you ever need to upgrade the theme to a new version.

    You’ll find the the body and typography in base.css, the dropcaps in shortcodes, and the titles in layout.css.

    Let us know if you need more help.




    Hi Mya,

    Thanks so much for your help. I’ll get started with this right away, and will for sure let you guys know should I need further help with this (which is very possible, because I suck at coding)…

    Take care,



    You’re welcome.




    That did it (mostly). :o)

    I wasn’t able to find one or two, but it worked. I changed those I needed to.

    Thanks so much. Take care,


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