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    I’m using Incarnation for a Parish Council Website,

    Amongst other requirements, they needed a page for Events, AND a page for council members meetings.

    Due to how the parish wanted to list the events, I have used the blog page template. The Event page template is being used for their Meetings page.

    What I need to work out, is how to change all the bits of text that have the word “event(s)” in to “meeting(s)”. I’ve managed to do a couple but the others I think I need to do so though FTP. Can you give some advice?

    Can you also advise if this will affect or mess up the SEO for these pages?




    Can you give us a screenshot of the text you want to remove or change?




    Hi! Thanks for replying.

    Basically anywhere on this page that says “events”, i wish to change to “meetings”. So the button that says “Event List”, “Previous Events”, and “No Upcoming Events”.

    So.. can this be changed, and will it affect SEO?



    First edit config-events-calendar/the-events-calendar/views/list.php, then find this code

    <a class='tribe-events-button-on' href='<?php echo tribe_get_listview_link(); ?>'><?php _e('Event List', 'tribe-events-calendar'); ?></a>

    Then find this code

    // Display Previous Page Navigation
    if( tribe_is_upcoming() && get_previous_posts_link() ) : ?>
    <?php previous_posts_link( '<span>'.__('« Previous Events', 'tribe-events-calendar').'</span>' ); ?>
    <?php elseif( tribe_is_upcoming() && !get_previous_posts_link( ) ) : ?>
    <a href='<?php echo tribe_get_past_link(); ?>'><span><?php _e('« Previous Events', 'tribe-events-calendar' ); ?></span></a>
    <?php elseif( tribe_is_past() && get_next_posts_link( ) ) : ?>
    <?php next_posts_link( '<span>'.__('« Previous Events', 'tribe-events-calendar').'</span>' ); ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

    And this

    if( tribe_is_upcoming() && get_next_posts_link( ) ) : ?>
    <?php next_posts_link( '<span>'.__('Next Events »', 'tribe-events-calendar').'</span>' ); ?>
    <?php elseif( tribe_is_past() && get_previous_posts_link( ) ) : ?>
    <?php previous_posts_link( '<span>'.__('Next Events »', 'tribe-events-calendar').'</span>' ); // a little confusing but in 'past view' to see newer events you want the previous page ?>
    <?php elseif( tribe_is_past() && !get_previous_posts_link( ) ) : ?>
    <a>'><span><?php _e('Next Events »', 'tribe-events-calendar'); ?></span></a>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Change “Events” to “Meetings”.





    I’ve managed to change some of those using the advice you provided.

    How do I change the post_type from tribe_events to say.. tribe_meetings?

    I really need the “Home>Events” on the right to say “Home>Meetings”.

    Also, how do I change the Widget to have “View All Meetings” instead of “View All Events”?

    Once again, thanks in advance.


    Hi deviouscreations,

    If you really want to change it to that extreme, you need to do a global search on events in the whole theme and then check each instance of the word.

    The plugin used is tribe’s Events plugin. So you’ll need to really check through every single instance individually to make sure the function name or post type name isn’t referred to somewhere else/if it is, its changed in the other function too.

    You can use something like Notepad++ to do the search and replace but make sure you save a backup at each step.




    Hello devious creations,

    How did you use the blog page template for your Events page. I am just trying to make a regular blog page with the blog page template that all themes have, but I can’t find a “blog page” under page templates, or anywhere else. Did you have to build it in the Template Builder. I don’t think the theme would work that way, but I can’t find “blog page template” anywhere.

    Since you clearly did, can you please let me know where you found it.




    Devious………ah…….never mind. I found it in the docs. It’s set in Theme Options……..thanks anyway……..



    I am sure you found out that you need to create a dynamic template with a blog element and then attach that template to a page which you designate as your blog in Incarnation > Theme Options.



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