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    Angular Theme: width class change for content areas and sidebars

    I’d like to have control over which class *width units [i.e. <div class=”content eight alpha … etc”>] show up where. Which file(s) control this? In particular, for the standard home page: I’d like to the change the content area to have the class of ‘eight’ rather than ‘nine’ width the sidebar then adopting a class of ‘four’ rather than ‘three’.

    Thanks in advance!


    *width: in the Angular theme the content and sidebar widths are controlled by class such as ‘nine’ or ‘three’.


    Hi jeffry_j_wainwright,

    That is a bit difficult generally. If the page uses a template builder template, it isn’t doable as it would cause issues with the whole template builder.

    For other pages, its a bit easier as you can go to those pages or loops and change it directly. For instance in the template-blog.php file, you can remove the avia_config for the layout and set it manually for that file. For the portfolio, you could do the same in includes>loop-portfolio.php.

    For a standard page, you could change it in page.php and the sidebar in sidebar.php



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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