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    Thank you for such a cool theme, I just wonder is it possible to change croping method for 610px X 260px preview image? Now it crop everything out of center of image. On this picture red zone means cropped –

    Is it easy to change script and make another edge cutting – like on this preview –


    Mmm I thought it is not such a hard question =) anyone?



    I marked this for review by Kriesi yesterday, I imagine he’ll reply once he’s had a chance to investigate.

    Best regards,



    I hopes so =) because I’m creating CSS Web Gallery… and usually the most interesting information placed in the top header.

    I’m not asking for “Step by step instructions” I just want to know what script making crop? Is it java scripts of theme, or is it function of WP by itself? I was trying to google that question… but no positive results =(



    WordPress crops those images upon uploading to this size, there is unfortunatley not much I can do here. What you might want to test is to use a different aspect ration for the images than 610px X 260px. You can set the image size in functions.php pretty much at the top of the file.

    Best regards



    Ok, I’ll try Thanx!


    Hi, I only just installed this so I haven’t gotten everything functioning properly yet, so I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I sized my portfolio images to the same size you have on the example, but when I go to show more than one column, it naturally resizes them, that’s fine, but it’s cropping rather than resizing, I need the image to be smaller and not cropped when I show it in the portfolio, like yours does. Am I missing something?

    This is a test site: – go to PORTFOLIO: Weddings.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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