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    Hi I would like to change the word “cart” to “shortlist” and enable products to be added to the cart /shortlist without a $ value. My site is for finding performers / entertainers and I would like clients to select acts that I then quote from. Can you help please?

    Also can I add my phone number to the right corner of the header. Above where SHOP and SUPPORT are in the propulsion demo. I still need those drop downs there, so was thinking the phone number above them but can’t work out how to put it there.






    In propulsionconfig-woocommerceconfig.php replace:

    $output .= "<a class='cart_dropdown_link' href='".$link."'>".__('Cart', 'avia_framework')."</a><span class='cart_subtotal'>".$cart_subtotal."</span>";


    $output .= "<a class='cart_dropdown_link' href='".$link."'>".__('Shortlist', 'avia_framework')."</a><span class='cart_subtotal'>".str_replace("$", "", $cart_subtotal)."</span>";


    So sorry but I am still stuck.

    Is this under the editor?

    I can only find Propulsion: woocommerce-mod-css-dynamic.php or Propulsion: config.php

    but not config-woocommerce



    config-woocommerce is a folder. Within the folder is the config.php. :)




    Hi I am in a similar situation. I would like to use the WooCommerce plugin to generate a quote request rather than a standard e-commerce check-out experience.

    I followed the instructions here to successfully change the “Cart” at the top of the page to “Quote.” I would also like to:

    1) Allow products with no price specified to be added to the cart / quote

    2) Change “View Cart” button to read “View Quote” on cart drop down

    3) Change “Checkout” button to read “Submit” on cart drop down

    4) Change the “Add to Cart” button to read “Add to Quote” on product pages (

    5) Change “Update Cart” button to read “Update Quote” on cart page (

    6) Change “Checkout” button to read “Submit” on cart page (

    7) Set the checkout / submit buttons (on both cart drop down and cart page) to redirect to a custom URL, not the WooCommerce checkout page


    Hi leonvalentine,

    For that level of customization you’ll need to look into a freelance developer or an extensions/plugin for woocommerce itself.

    I have not check in a while, but I believe there was an extension in developer to make WooCommerce a listing type service instead of a store though I don’t have a link to it specifically.



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