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    Hi — I would like to know if there is something I can alter so that blog images display using their full height. Right now if I post an image to the slideshow, it centers the images within the 340 height. Ideally, I would like the entire image to display.


    Hi nicklynn

    You’ll need to use a plugin like: to change the thumbnail size that gets generated for the blog images. Then use the same plugin to regenerate the thumbnails base on your new size.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for the recommendation. Ideally, I would simply let each blog image determine its own depth (I am happy to work with the 930 width). I may have misread, but my take on the plugin is that it lets me determine a different size for thumbnails, but that is also a fixed size, not a flexible size. Do you know if I can I get flexibly-sized thumbnails using this plugin approach?




    Hi Nick,

    The plugin, has 2 settings, crop (which is a hard crop) and no crop, whereby you can set width or height, and put the other dimension at 9999 so that the width for example would be at 930, while the height at 9999. This way it will scale down your image proportionally to 930 and leave the height of your image whatever its supposed to scale down to proportionally without any cropping..

    The trick however, is to upload an image larger than the size you set because if you upload an image with a width 800 and a height of 300 while you have a 930 width and 9999 height as constraint. the result will be blurry and foul. Also you need to remember that changing these settings do not magically re-size images physically present on your server, but the new constraints are applied to future uploads.

    You can use the regenerate functionality that is part of the same plugin, but i prefer to simply delete the old images, and re-upload them. Also, another important thing is to make sure that when you are uploading your image you select FULL SIZE from the list of radio buttons available when you initially save it, even though a different option may look more attractive to you.

    All image sizes are generated from your initial upload, so if you chose to save it in some other , smaller size , then all the large image sizes generated from that image will be generated using not the FULL SIZE but whatever you chose during the upload.







Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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