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    Hi I love the theme but I would like to put my custom header up instead of the black strip at the top. I’ve looked at other threads & tried various things but I’m probably doing it wrong. Firstly I have a jpeg file – is this the right format to use in a banner? Secondly what do I write in the stylesheet and where? I would really appreciate your help. Also, I want the banner to be clickable & link back to the home/ main page. Thank you



    What you’re trying to do is possible, can you add a link to the page to see what you’ve done so far?

    To answer your questions:

    1.) Yes a JPG file is fine :)

    2.) Depends on what you’ve done so far, I’ll take a look once you post the link and go from there.

    3.) The banner can be a link back to the homepage, but again I need to see what you’ve done so far. Are you planning on keeping the header icons / search?



    Hi thanks for getting back to me. The website is here

    I haven’t done much so far and no, I removed all icons/links that were in the header because I have put a search widget instead in a side column.



    open up style1.css (located in a folder called css – you can’t access it via wordpress admin menu but you need to use a ftp software like filezilla – navigate to wp-content/newscast/css) and search for following entry:

    background: #fff url(../images/skin1/bg.png) repeat-x 0 0;

    You can use any image you like (png, jpg) – just replace the “bg.png” image path with the path to your background image.


    Hi thanks for the feedback but I have no idea what the path to my image is. How do I find out? And would i delete all the stuff that’s in brackets or what?…. sorry I have super basic questions. Also I know how to get to the control panel of my blog, but otherwise i don’t know how to navigate to wp-content/newscast/css…



    you need to use a ftp software like filezlla to access your server’s file directory. Maybe ask a friend to do this for you. Then upload any image you like with WP image uploader or with the ftp software. Write down the image path (it will be something like /wp-content/uploads/… or if you save the image in your theme folder (with ftp software) /wp-content/themes/newscast/images/skin1

    Afterwards download style1.css and paste this path between the brackets and replace “../images/skin1/bg.png” with your path like: “../images/skin1/my-image.jpg”. At least upload the modified style1.css


    Hello! I have mananged to upload the new banner however, I would like to know how to centre it or to make it fit to size? Is this possible? thanks in advance


    I mean shrink to fit basically on any screen or browser. At the momen it is not centered and the graphics run off the screen to the right..



    I can’t access your site at the moment – I get a php error.


    It’s back up now. Do you know how to make the banner spread across the whole page?



    It’s not easily possible to stretch the background to 100% of the screen width/resolution (css3 background attribute is only supported by a few browsers yet). You can repeat the background though by using the repeat-x attribute:

    background: #fff url(../images/skin1/bg.png) repeat-x 0 0;



    I had resolved the banner issue by hiring someone and a few days ago I installed the wordpress updates but since then the banner has disappeared and instead it’s just a black strip. However I do see it in the code but it just doesnt show. Also in the individual blog posts, the 2 side columns have moved and sit underneath the post. Is the theme not compatible with the wordpress updates? or is there something I can do?

    Thanks you



    did you solve the banner problem and the sidebar display error? The theme is/should be compatible with WP 3.1.1



    Yes thank you – sorry, it was a widget i installed that caused it all to disfunction. Theme is awesome. Can you recommend any copyright widgets that are compatible? the type of widget that disables copy/paste for example? the one I found initially was the source of the chaos.

    Thanks for your feedback



    I can only advise searching the official plugin repository: – I never used such a plugin so I can’t recommend one.


    Just to reiterate what many have said so far, great theme! So I have changed the header image on my site but where it repeats is pretty obvious… do you have a suggestion as to how I could minimize the change? I am going to attempt to get a longer image but we will see. If there is some coding changes I could make i would much rather that.

    Thanks again



    the only chance I see here is to use a bigger image. The famous div width 100% hack would require some code adjustments and javascript background solutions are layed out for fullscreen backgrounds (width and height)….


    will do thanks


    Glad that I could help you :)

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