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    Hello, I apologize if this is something completely obvious, but I am new to the more serious side of wordpress customization through commercial themes and whatnot. Anyways- I just bought the Display theme and have been trying to teach myself around it. For the most part it is pretty intuitive, but it seems that about 75% of the things I try to change (welcome tagline, logo, slider adjustments, custom menus, etc) only show up after I deactivate the theme, activate my old free theme, and then reactivate Display. I am currently still running WordPress 3.0 and have not upgraded since I do not know if Display will run properly on WP 3.1.4. Chrome is my browser by the way. Any insight you can shed on this would be much appreciated, and I will keep on trying to debug this myself.





    this sounds like a browser cache problem. Try to clear the cache after each modification to review the sytle changes.


    Thanks, I tried to clear Chrome’s cache, but to no avail. I switched over to Firefox to rule out anything more serious, and to my relief the changes showed up there without the de/reactivation trick, and more importantly show up instantly when I use Firefox to do my changes from the dashboard. Is Display (or any other custom wp themes for that matter) experiencing problems when people try to use Chrome?

    Not a huge problem, just more of an inconvenience. Thank you for your quick response, I am sure I will be on here frequently as my site takes shape since I have some rather lofty customization goals.



    We didn’t get any reports about this caching issue yet.


    Ok- Hopefully this will be of some use to others: I thought the above problem was solved until earlier today, when the same thing started to happen to me again on firefox. I originally imported my site from a blog, so I had several plugins “leftover” from that transition that were still operating: WP Super Cache, Jetpack, and WP Importer. I decided to deactivate all of them, and so far the it seems the problem has been solved on Chrome.

    Is there any downside to having WP Super Cache not activated? This plugin was not something installed by me, but rather was automatically installed and activated when I made the switch from to my own host…


    Caches can improve site loading times. However it depends on your content. You can try plugins like: (I’d use older version like 9.1.9 for now because the newsest version doesn’t work for many user – including me).

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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