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    Hi there,

    I just purchased the Flashlights Theme! Congratulation, I like it a lot.

    I checked out the Support Page, cause I wanted to change the Content with. I found this code

    .content .box {

    min-width: 630px;

    width: 630px;


    applied it in my stylesheet. It worked well. Then I wanted to put a right sidebar on the page / Blog page etc. But the sidebar isn’t post correctly. It is hiding now behind the content Box.

    Another problem is, when I write a Blogpost and have a right sidebar the Date/ Comment Field isn’t showed fine. How can we resolve that problem? Is there also a possibility to change the with of the sidebar?

    Here is a link to the website (Post) (Page)

    Thanks in front ;).



    add this to your custom.css or Quick CSS

    #top .sidebar2.sidebar_absolute {
    left: 912px;
    .single .sidebar2.sidebar_absolute {
    left: 1038px !important;


    Thank you that worked!!! ;)


    Glad that Chrs could help you :)


    Im experiencing the same problem as the thread starter, and I fixed it as mentioned above. But the problem is that when you ad a background image to that page it disables the fix (or something), im guessing it has something to do with the scrollbar? But if you resize your browser window to be the smaller then the left sidebar, the right sidebar jumps back into place. This theme seems to be a bit glitchy….



    When you view the site on your browser without zooming in or out, you are using the exact resolution when you created the fix. Zooming in or out will drastically change the browser resolution thus altering the left position of the right sidebar. We can’t control this because the right sidebar is positioned absolute.




    Yes I understand that. But thats not the issue here. The issue is that the problem the thread starter experienced is not fixed.

    If you have altered the width of your “.content .box” in the css, from 430px to say… 460px. You have to ad 30px to “#top .sidebar2.sidebar_absolute” to get your right sidebar to display properly, right?

    But if you ad a background-image to the page where youve got the right sidebar, it brakes again and the right sidebar still hides behind the content Box. Do you understand? (Im sorry if my english isnt that great).


    Hi Rajkurt,

    Can you post a link to your site? so we can see the issue on your site clearly and we can give you more accurate answer.




    Its, but I will only have it up for about 2 hours because Its not ready to bre released yet. So please hurry and look!

    Its the “Ta Kontakt” page thats the concern…


    I think it’s an optical illusion in your case – the background image has an white area and it seems like the sidebar box is connected to the content box but imho it’s just the white background which makes you think that both boxes overlap each other. Did you try another, eg dark bg?


    Hello Dude, I understand what you mean, but this is not the case. Look at this screenshot , you clearly see the cut in the twittter icon. But as I said before, if you resize the browsers height to be smaller then the left sidebar, the right sidebar pops back to where it should be (1px right from the .box .content). Its seems like a glitch or bug of somekind.

    But I have created an account for you so you can go in and look:

    Login: kiresi

    Pass: kiresi123


    Hi Rajkurt,

    Try to add this code in your Quick CSS:

    #top .sidebar2 {
    left: 794px !important;

    Just adjust the left value. Hope this helps. :)



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