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    Hi all,
    I need to slightly change the layout of this template and I’ve already modified the size of several parts (header, footer, sidebar, etc…).
    I’m trying now to change the dimension of the slideshow in the homepage (currently the images appearing there measure 620x350px): I need to extend the area covered by the image up to a width of 674px.
    I’ve created a child theme and I’m adding the following code (style=”width: 674px;”) to the file helper-fetaured-posts.php in the /includes folder:

    at row 51: $output .= “<div class=’featured_inner_slider’ style=’width: 674px;’>”;

    When I do this change with Firebug everything appears great, but when I upload the new modified file to the server and refresh the page nothing happens… it’s like if the changes are not “seen” by the template even though the actual file has been correctly modified.
    Can not be a problem of the child theme because other changes (also in the same file) works well.
    Would you mind helping me?
    Thank you very much!


    Hey matteora!

    Can you post the link to your website?

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,
    and many thx for the reply!

    Sorry for the redirect service (with the space between the domain and the other letters) but we wouldn’t like to have search engines indexing the website that’s still under development: http://goo.gl/ YhYYQL
    In addiction to what I wrote in the previous post I must correct a thing: the mentioned file (helper-fetaured-posts.php) is correctly seen by wordpress via the menu Appearance-Editor but nevertheless all the changes in that file aren’t applied to the website.

    The odd thing is that other files in the same folder are instead correctly read and showed in place of the original theme.

    Some modifications you see in the main page (the ones due to the changes in the file helper-fetaured-posts.php) work only because I’ve modified the main theme itself instead of the child theme: other modification were instead made in the child theme and they work well.
    For istance I worked out the problem mentioned in the first post only because I edited the file helper-fetaured-posts.php in the original theme (Shoutbox) but I really need to work on a child theme (and it’s not a problem for a lot of other files…) for obvious reasons.

    Apart from this issue related to the child theme (which I hope you’ll be able to sort out) I’m still struggling trying to have the images showed in the homepage slideshow of the right size (674 width) instead of the current 620px: I guess it’s a feature written in the theme itself but so far I couldn’t find exactly where…

    Really hope you can help me with these problems
    Many thx again

    I’ve worked out how to create new images (bigger than the default ones) at the upload time, and how to show them in the homepage slideshow, but I’m still trying to do this editing only the child theme.
    The trick posted on wordpress Codex (that is using the “if function exists” istruction – http://codex.wordpress.org/Child_Themes#Using_functions.php) doesn’t work with Shoutbox template so I’d like to know how to correctly replace a function written in the parent theme with another one written in a child theme.
    In particular the function I need to rewrite is function create_html() present in the helper-featured-posts.php file!
    Thank you so much!

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    Child themes only effect what is in the root folder by default. Anything outside of it will need to be called just like you would a regular theme. With a change like this you are best to just change the parent and then keep a change log of the files and lines you’ve changed.

    Best regards,


    I know the principles behind the child themes but I don’t understand why some files (in the same directory) are correctly read and others aren’t…
    Anyway thank you for the help, I’ll open another topic to ask further questions

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