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    Thanks for this theme.

    I wish to change the search submit button.

    I see the icon is a background image that I could change easily but I don’t want an image.

    I prefer to have text and particularly an iconfont.

    But I tried to style the search button without success using the :before css as the iconfont suggested.

    It doesn’t work ont the serach submit button.

    Did you know why this don’t work and a way to fix this?

    #searchsubmit:before {
    float: left;
    font-family: ‘Elusive-Icons’;
    color: #e1e1e1;
    content: “s”;
    position: relative;
    z-index: 5;
    top: 9px;
    left: 13px;
    font-size: 14px;

    Is there something wrong here ?

    Thanks for your help.


    Sorry for this question.

    Seems input can’t react with :before or :after pseudo-element.

    But there is a way simpler solution using the value argument to insert the text.

    Just so easy, I am so dumb to not have directly think about it.

    So if somebody which do the same

    in searchform.php

    change the value attribute to your desired text, in my case an icon font glyph

    <input type=”submit” value=”e03e” id=”searchsubmit” class=”button”/>

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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