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    Hi, my contact form is not sending any emails, my hosting provider states that the from parameter has to include an email on the same domain has my site.

    I can’t find where to change this.

    I have make sure that the email on general settings meets that criteria, and i have check with ” check email” plugin using custom headers with an email on my domain. The result has been positive. But still not succes from the contact form.

    Contact form 7 does not work either.

    where then can i change the from parameter to avoid having this issue?

    Thanks a lot.


    Open up wp-contentthemeschoicesframeworkphpclass-form-generator.php and search for

    $from = urldecode( $from );

    Replace it with:

    $from = ' (Email address hidden if logged out) ';
    $from = urldecode( $from );

    and instead of (Email address hidden if logged out) insert a mail address which fulfills your criteria.


    Worked as always.




    Great :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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