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    great theme!

    I am trying to make the About page I have a “full page” but the page layout options on the right hand sidebar do not offer this. Currently it’s on a default option and naturally, none of the other options of no content/big title etc. fit the bill. I have got round this before by cloning one of the example data pages (the shortcodes page which is a full page) but this is not possible in this case or I will lose the option to maintain the page URL and don’t want an about-2/ page if I do not use current one so how can I change it? I checked the options and all seem to be the same, it’s not intuitive in this respect. The site is currently up on a temp URL and the page is:

    I’ve tried using the half page shortcode to see if that fools the page into going full width – ?? but it clearly doesn’t.



    Hi alanaburton,

    You can force the page to take the full width attribute by selecting the gallery option Flexible Grid Gallery. See:


    Also to note, you can always change the slug for a page (the URL text) by clicking Edit next to the page URL under the page title.




    Thanks Devin, got it sorted now.

    Re the ps, I’ve always found that if a page has been created with a certain slug then even if it is deleted/trashed, any WordPress template will not let you create another page with the same slug. Thankfully it’s not an issue at the moment now that is sorted though!

    Thanks again,




    Glad Devin could help you.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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