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    Hi there,

    I have two questions which, I hope, you can answer for me.

    1) My product-page is quite large. See my example on – How can I wrap everything around the product-images?

    2) I want to display the tabs right after the price. How can I change this?

    Thank you so much!



    1) Could you illustrate what you want to accomplish and drop it on, they have some tools on there to edit the snapshot of the page so that we would have a better idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

    2) From what I see, the tabs are already after the price. Would you please illustrate and help us see how you want the page to look. <— this page explains one customization you can do to replete to stretch out the tabs (here is a snapshot of how it looks )




    Hi Nick, thanks for the reply.

    I’m trying to get something like this:

    So the tabs at the top and all the rest nicely wrapping around the product-images.. Any idea?


    Hi yoshituk,

    As far as I know the tabs can only go at the very top above the title and price or down below everything where they are now. IE, attached to before the product summary template block or after it.

    For the layout, you can make it full width but not really wrap around the image like that without significantly customizing the whole layout. If that is your only desired result, you’ll need to look into a freelance developer to customize the theme files to create that layout as its not something we can help with via support.

    The product image and product summary are in two different containers; one container set to “four units” and the other “eight units” so that they combine to take up the full twelve units wide of the layout. Then those get adjusted further when the browser gets changed in size.

    So you could make the whole thing full width but the image would just sit on top of the summary and not actually be inside of it like in your demo image.





    Devin is correct. It is possible to do. If you look here i rearranged the dom of your site to get this ( ) .. you can ignore the duplicating menu, that’s just my lame screen capture app…

    And here is even how the code looks with the extra css that generated the above page. however this is just playing with the html not with the actual php. ( ) . You can see where the 3 blocks have to be rearranged by comparing the current html. However to do this will take a time investment of trial and error of rearranging all the building blocks. It really doesn’t require any coding skills, you just have to understand what block does what function and re-position the various pieces.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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