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    Hello ,

    Thanks for great theme , i want to change the template for shop base page and make it a list view with some details on right hand side instead of current woocommerce grid view . would appreciate if u can help me out .




    Come on guys please help me out .


    Hi bizmanualz,

    The main template is actually controlled by WooCommerce and not by the theme itself; which just modifies the images, buttons and styling a bit.

    I’m not actually even sure where you would start with such a big modification. You might have better luck on the WooCommerce forums and then disabling some of the modifications done in the themes files in the woocomerce-config folder.




    Hey Devin ,

    Thanks styling is what i need help for .

    i got the single prodcut with title and woocommerce_product_excerpt with this code in function.php

    add_filter(‘loop_shop_columns’, ‘loop_columns’);

    if (!function_exists(‘loop_columns’)) {

    function loop_columns() {

    return 1;



    add_action( ‘woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item_title’, ‘woocommerce_product_excerpt’, 35, 2);

    if (!function_exists(‘woocommerce_product_excerpt’)) {

    function woocommerce_product_excerpt() {

    echo ‘<span class=”excerpt”>’;


    echo ‘</span>’;



    The thing i need help with is the css , would really appreciate your help .


    Hi bizmanualz,

    If you tell us specifically what you need the CSS to do we may be able to help.




    Hey ,

    thanks for replying . I want my product listing page layout to be like this page with a image on left and excerpt or custom feild on right , like over here at .

    my current image looks very messy and it looks like this Appreciating your help , Thanks .


    Hi bizmanualz,

    I don’t think a bit of css would get you quite that far. We really aren’t able to provide that much customization as it would take quite a bit of individual customization and back and forth communication. I would recommend looking into a freelance wordpress developer who has done woo commerce customization. That way you can get it looking exactly the way you want.




    Thanks a lot . I would try to see if i can find someone to do this .

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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