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    I’d like this search sidebar:

    to be on the right and like my other pages:

    is this possible? Thanks


    bump. also I’d like to display a featured image on the search page like the rest of my pages.


    1) You can try plugins like: and use the conditional “is_search()” to show your widgets on the search page too. You need to add the widgets to the “Displayed Everywhere” area.

    2) Add following code to css/custom.css:

    .search .news-thumb {
    display: none;


    I tried that widget and it didn’t work. It appears my search page is displaying my normal page sidebars, except it only displays 2 of the 5 widgets! any idea?


    Hi metropolitandetail,

    Try opening the search.php file and checking that it is using the ‘page’ sidebar. Then can you double check that the “schedule appointment” text widget isn’t set to only display on a few specific pages but that its also on the Sidebar Pages (right).




    believe me, I’ve spent days on this. the search.php is set to pages:



    //get the sidebar

    $avia_config = ‘page’;



    yet my search, 404, archives categories, tags, etc. only show two widgets of five: social network, and shopping cart.

    So I have two types of sidebars. One associated with blogs, and one with pages. So some of the aforementioned pages display blog widgets and the others display page widgets. All are set to RIGHT in the widgets, yet the same two only display for page associated widgets and blog associated widgets.

    and widget logic plugins and anything similar do not work at all.




    No one?


    i know you’re reading this…



    Please try to add the widgets into the “Displayed Everywhere” widget area and use the is_search() conditional with Widget Logic to display your widgets on the search page.

    Best regards,



    c’mon this was the first suggestion you gave me earlier in the thread and I said it didn’t work :|



    I’m sorry. I don’t have another solution which doesn’t require some custom cofding, etc. on your end :-/

    Best regards,



    do you know of that custom coding solution then? I really need to fix this problem.


    Hi metropolitandetail,

    Unfortunately I’m just not sure whats causing it to behave in that way. It could be an oddity in the way the plugin is adding widgets to certain areas or in the way the widgets are set up for the different pages. I’m just not sure as I’ve not used the plugin before.

    When it comes to custom fix, I assume Peter means creating your own conditional statement in the sidebar.php to create a new sidebar that can be added to in the wordpress Widgets area.




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