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    Hello, what file do I get access to the product details page?

    Want to change the price position above the amount selector and some other things, of course css file but want to take away some things aswell…



    the template used for shop pages can be found in your plugins folder under woocommerce>templates.

    If you could be a little more specific I can give you better instructions, maybe images can help.


    Ok thanks for reply, for example I want to take away the name of the product above the number of items as it´s big above the image (I now hidden the div, rough hack but anyway). Then I want the price to be there instead big as it is on the right side and I positioned it with CSS no probs, but when I want to have a row break between the old price and the sale price I want to put a br or something between them, hos do I do that and in what file etc. Maybe it´s in the template-folder then. Problem is when they update the core, can I filter and override those settings in a easy and good way?

    Other thing that maybe are the same problem, my customer want to take away the alternatives for product sorting in the grid. How do I permanently do that and then sort after a specific order they want to have on their products?

    Also to touch the core will make problems later when updates comes..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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