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    Hey guys,

    is it possible changing the preview image on the overview page to a youtube video preview? (from the url inserted in the backend on the “new article” site). So basically, removing the existing hover image, making a clickable lightbox which displays the video then. Is there a way to access this youtube url from the overview site?

    Thanks in advance,




    at the moment it’s only possible to add youtube videos to single entries ( “Full Size Pic or Video for Lightbox” field ). Implementing a lightbox on the gallery view would destroy the big preview thumb hover effect and requires some work.



    I don’t care about the big preview thumb with the hover effect actually. The question is if it is possible to implement lightbox there and be able to access the youtube link from the backend from every product at the overview site? Would be great if you can give me hints on which files I have to modify.



    so if I get it right you want to remove the big hover image .. you’d want to make the images clickable and they’d open a lightbox with a youtube video? Well yes it’s possible but it wasn’t made to do this at all, I believe you’d have to modify quite a lot, including some core elements of the gallery script itself.



    sorry for the lack of clarity. Basically, I want to insert a youtube video there – no lightbox – thats all. I just need to know how to access the appropriate youtube link from the backend and then which file I have to modify for. Thanks for helping out so far! :)


    Please give me a hint for that small fix


    Click on the “upload” button (in the “add featured media” section), then instead of “From Computer” choose “From Url” and enter your youtube/vimeo link in the url field. Then click on “Insert into Post”. That’s it :)


    Sorry – I should have read my first post. You’re using Expose which doesn’t support Youtube. It requires some custom code to implement it which is beyond the scope of this support forum. Only newer themes like Habitat+ support embedded videos in the portfolios. To be honest I don’t think we’ll implement this feature in expose.


    Just tell me which files I have to modify for. Im able to play with php a bit. Crystal clear that you are not able to implement that for one person afterwards. Thanks!


    Hard to say because it depends on the approach you take. You can modify the thumb generation function in frameworkhelper_functions/kriesi_post_thumb.php or you can implement a the youtube code in single.php, index.php, etc. Basically you’d need to replace all occurences of kriesi_post_thumb() function with your custom code which checks for videos first and adjusts the output accordingly.


    Alright, thanks a lot, solved it.

    For other guys: Modify the index.php and archive.php files:


    $tubor = str_replace("watch?v=", "embed/", get_post_meta($post->ID, "_preview_big", true));

    Comment this:

    /*echo "< a href='".$imagelink."'>";

    if($featured == 'yes') echo "<span class='featured_entry'></span>";

    echo $small_prev_image;

    echo $big_prev_image;

    echo "";*/

    and add this directly below:

    echo "<iframe width="180" height="132" src="" . $tubor . "" frameborder="0"></iframe>";


    Glad that you found a solution. It’s not very versatile but maybe it helps others :)

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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