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    I’m almost done adding all my images to this wonderful new templae, but I’m getting nervous now.

    An example, if you take a look here: you can see that the first image is my latest image and the last image is the oldest image… Now, if I add a new image, it will actually be added in the bottom which is far from what I wish.

    Is it possible to, let the order be like this but all new images will be listed in the top? If not – is there any other solution beside having to delete EVERYTHING and adding all images again, in reverse order?


    Hi sp34k,

    You should be able to manipulate the order of the images by changing the published dates for each item. If you click on Edit right above where you click the button to first publish a post/page/portfolio it will allow you to change the date of posting (or schedule automatic future posts).

    If that doesn’t do the trick for you, I know some people have had success using plugins that allow for easy re-organizing of post order.


    But I’m not using posts, I’m using the Portfolio Item :)

    I have ofcourse added all my portfolio images but, from now on I’d like all new uploads to be displayed from the top. Isnt that possible somehow or will I have to remove ALL images and reupload them in a reverse order?


    Hey Mike!

    When you hit the green upload button there should be a gallery tab available that list all the images uploaded for a post until now. you can simply drag and drop the images to the desired position. upload new images, hit the gallery tab, sort to your inkings, save gallery, then save post :)

    Btw your images are stunning! Absolutely love what you got there :)


    AWSOME! Ohh god that really made my day! I can’t tell how frustrating it has been not knowing how to get my latest images up at the top so thank you!:) I’m kinda surprised that I haven’t even tried to drag the images so I guess it’s my own fault, but thanks!

    And thank you for the compliment, I’m glad you like the images Kriesi :) I’m currently having troubles with my Photoshop/Terragen images but that’s being mentioned in a different thread and is been looked at by Devin.

    But thanks for the kind words, it’s very motivating :)



    glad we could help ;)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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