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    Hello, This is a great theme and I am having fun customizing it. I am using the Portfolio section for properties. In admin instead of ‘Portfolio Items’ to appear in the sidebar I’d like to have ‘Properties’ appear. That’s the only change. How do I make that change?



    I’m not exactly sure what you are wanting here. Do you want just the text to say Properties, or do you want the funcationality of Portfolio Items to be different?




    Hi, Thanks for replying… I just need to have the text in admin say Properties instead of Portfolio Items so that it will be clear to anyone logging in and updating the site. Do you know how I would make that change?


    Sure just edit portfolio.php (in Admin Panel Appearance>Editor and choose it on the right side).

    about 40 lines down look for a line that says

    'name' => _x('Portfolio Items', 'post type general name'),

    Just change it like this, and hit update file.

    'name' => _x('Properties', 'post type general name'),



    Also note that if you ever update the theme this might get overwritten.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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