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    When looking at a Single Product page on a smartphone, the product description text isn’t displayed as the first Item beneath the Featured image.

    I have a left sidebar on the Product Detail page, populated the following widgets in the Sidebar:

    First Widget: Woocommerce Product Categories

    Second Widget: Text Element mit Contact Details

    Third widget: Woocommerce recently viewed Products

    Right now when viewing a Single Product page on a smartphone the order is as follows:

    Featured Image

    1. First Sidebar Widget

    2. Second Sidebar Widget

    3. Third Sidebar Widget

    4. Product Description text

    5. Footer 1

    6. Footer 2

    7. Footer 3

    What do I have to change, so that the Product despription ist displayed as the first item before the sidebar widgets are displayed?

    While in smartphone view I would like the order to be as following:

    Featured Product Image

    1.Product description

    2. First Sidebar Widget

    3. Second Sidebar Widget

    4. Third sidebar widget

    5. Footer 1

    6. Footer 2

    7. Footer 3

    I was amazed by abundance and I am thrilled by propulsion. But what really blows my mind is the fast and reliable support you guys give here! Keep it up! And thanks in advance for you terrific work. Cheers and dankeschön. :)


    Any ideas…?



    to be honest I don’t know a way to achieve what you want without rewriting the product template. The problem is that all columns will be displayed in the order of the html code and the left sidebar code (including widgets) comes before the product description. You’d need to change the default product templates (woocommerce/templates) and the propulsion hooks (propulsion/config-woocommerce/config.php) to restructure the template files (product description on the left and sidebar on the right).


    Now that’s a bummer…Rewriting the product templates and changing the hooks exceeds my skills and time I have for this project.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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