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    I would like to modify the mainpage to have 2 columns below the slider. The 1st column would be 2/3 of the pagewidth and the 2nd column 1/3 of the pagewidth. In the 1/3 column on the right I would like to have a recent posts block, and a contact us block.

    Can this be done?


    Sam Ong


    Is there anyone available to help me with this post? Please note that I lost my login for my brandedbysam username that is why I created a new one called brandedbysam2. I did purchase your theme. Since this post I have found my original login for your forum. Do you want me to repost under that name?


    Sam Ong



    It’d be easiest to change the Reading Settings to a static page which would allow you to add a page and your widgets very easily. The downside is you’d lose the slider (because it’s not part of the page template for the static pages) however you can include a slider using shortcodes.

    If you want the full width slider and the static page / widgets this would involve significant modification to the theme files and isn’t something we can help you with.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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