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    I’d like to be able to change the sheet, menu, background color etc. for the entire Flashlight template. The two options (white and dark) are great, but I’d like to take the dark and instead of dark grey, have it black. This would be for everything; menu, shop, blog, portfolio, pages etc.

    Can anybody help me out with the CSS code I need to insert in the quick CSS box or what I should do to make this change?

    Thanks, much appreciated!


    Hi corepath,

    Kindly add this code to your Quick CSS(located inside Theme Options > Styling) or custom.css (can be accessed via ftp, inside the css folder):

    .box, .blog-meta, .return_content, .arrowslidecontrolls_fullscreen, .hide_content_wrap a, .img_count, .slide_thumbnails, .widget {
    background: black;

    #top .main_menu .menu ul {
    background: black;

    Hope this helps. :)




    Thanks Ismael, I figured the majority of it out by trial and error, however I’m still having issues when I click the ‘hide sidebar & content button’. Right now when I use that feature the home icon’s background is still grey, and the background of the text (ex. ‘image 2 of 4″) is also grey.

    If I add your code, the home icon is completely invisible, which I can’t have. Basically I need help with three things:

    1) Adding code that will make the background text for “image 1 from 4” or “image 2 from whatever” black as well as for the home icon (when “hide sidebar & content” is clicked). The icon and text still need to be visible, but with a black background

    2) I’d like to have a permanent border in the normal light grey color around the main menu

    3) I’d like to add a small link in the space between the social icons and the background controls, but I don’t know how to do that.

    Help with these three things would be great!



    Oh, and if you know how to change the color of just one page (ie. have just the sheet color for the store be black) that would be awesome as well!


    Hi corepath,

    We’ll need to take a look at your site live. If you could also point out exactly which items you mean for the above 1-2 that will help as well since there are a lot of different things and the css needs to be specific.

    For #3, you can add the html for the link in sidebar.php after the code for the copyright inside the social_bookmarks class. It’ll need to be styled to fit the area and not cause any issues however so make sure to give your link a container class or a class itself so that it can be styled easily.

    Individual pages can be targeted based on the #top class. If you use something like Firebug for Firefox or Chrome’s Inspect function you can inspect the code for your pages live and identify the css for that page/element and use the page-id-## class to change the look of just one page.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve collected screen shots of the related changes. Is there any way I can send them in a message to you as I can’t seem to attach items here.



    You can use to upload your images. You’ll get image links which you can post here.

    Best regards,


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