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    where can i change the text in the order confirmation?

    I already tried it in the plugin folder “wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/templates/emails/…

    nothing happend.

    Can I change the text in the WordPress Dashboard?

    Or do i have to create a child theme?

    (if yes, how do i do that correctly? :/ )





    The best way to locate any text within your theme or plugins, is to create a folder on your home computer where you would unzip your theme folder and all the plugin folders you are using to resemble the directory structure of your server. Then you should download and install notepad++ ( ).

    Simply search the folder where you placed all the plugins and the theme folders for the phrase , word or bit of code you are interested in locating , and the program will instantly search every file in every folder and show you all instances if they are located in multiple files. After saving your edits, please use an ftp program to upload the updated files to your server. (filezilla is a good one).

    You can create a child theme. It is something we recommend as it’s easy and will keep the parent theme files unmodified so that during the next update , you will not need to worry if you remembered all the files you’ve modified.

    Here is a child theme for Abundance (its just 3 files, with 2 optional) and simply install it as you would any other theme or unzip, and ftp the folder next to the theme folder




    Hi Nick,

    thank you for the tip!

    I downloaded Notepad++ and searched for the order confirmation text “Thank you for your order….” the only files where i could find it is the german translation file .mo and .po and the email template….

    But when i change it in the Template, nothing happens :-(

    Do you have any other idea? I already spent a few hours on trying it…

    And the child theme, where should i install it? Just to the Themes as an “own” theme? Or should i put it into the abundance directory?




    Hi Daniel,

    A child theme should be installed and activated as if it was its own theme. Note that you will lose ALL theme settings when switching to the child theme and they will need to be re-done on the child theme.

    I found the text “Thank you for your order” in the following file inside the woocommerce plugin files: classes>gateways>class-wc-paypal.php .





    do you mean the settings in the wp backend or the changes in the style.css etc?

    Hm i just found it in the template files…

    The thing is, it is not just with paypal.

    I will test it with the class-wc-paypayl.php and let you know the result :-)




    I believe he means the backend settings + everything in your custom.css file. I

    Just imagine how everything was when you first installed the parent theme. So whatever you customized in the admin parent theme settings will be gone, but posts, pages, categories, you’ve created would still be there. You can switch back between the parent and the child if you wanted.




    Thank you :-)


    I tried something else with the mail text.

    I removed the complete text part from “customer-completed-order.php” (even if the complete file is removed) and the text is still there! :(

    Where is the Demo-Mail from the Woocommerce Template saved? this is the same text in there.



    If you are referring to the child theme, to edit something, you will need to copy the file you want to change from parent to child, and edit inside the child the file you copied. if the file was inside folders in the parent , you must create empty folders in the child theme folder to match those of the parent and drop the file into the same level of the folder structure of the child so it would match the parent’s.

    I can’t tell for sure. Could be your cache. Have you emptied it? Could be your server cache. Could be a plugin. When you use notepad++ to search, please remember capitalization counts, and try not to search for the entire phrase, because often a phrase is dynamically created.

    The setup you should have when searching with notepa++d is: 1 folder, inside which you have

    a) parent theme folder

    b) child theme folder if you have it

    c) folder containing all the plugins on your website. So when you search for something using Notepad++, both the theme folder and subfolders are searched (by the way that’s an option that should be checked yes on notepad++), and all your plugins are also searched.

    Have you tried searching in the WooCommerce support forum, they have a huge community, because I never encountered this before.



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